About Me



I have worked with people since my very first job at age 17, where I worked alongside university as a care assistant. I always knew that I wanted to help people, and this directed me to studying psychology at university.

I studied psychology as a BSc, MSc and PhD at Bangor University. My BSc and MSc were in clinical psychology, and my PhD focused on older adults with and without dementia. I then worked in research for a while, undertaking post-doctoral positions at Lancaster University and Sheffield University.

However, I missed working more closely with people in a helping role. I have experienced my own difficulties with mental health and had previously sought help from counsellors, which made a huge difference to my life. I knew that this was absolutely what I wanted to do. I wanted to use my experiences positively, and I set out to achieve my mission. 

I know what it feels like to struggle, to try and work out why you feel this way and decide where to go from there. It can be confusing thinking about where to start when your goals feel so far away. Previous clients have commented on how easy it is to be open around me, and just how accepting I am with what they have chosen to bring to therapy. Being non-judgemental is a core component of person-centred therapy, and one that I value tremendously.

I completed my training at Liverpool John Moores University and currently have my own private practice, as well as working with students with mental health issues. 


 Special Interests


I enjoy working with any issues that a client might arrive with, and have vast experience working with a wide variety of difficulties. My special interest is around mental health, such as problems with anxiety and depression, and a lot of my experience is around these issues. I often find that people struggling with a mental health condition have several goals, and I have worked extensively with individuals who have complex mental health needs.

I also have an interest in working with older adults, with or without dementia, and have worked with this population in a variety of ways including as an activity coordinator, as a research psychologist and as a counsellor. 


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