What is person-centred therapy?

Person centred therapy is based on a set of theories and beliefs about how people grow and how psychological issues can develop at various times during a person’s life. These issues can cause extreme discomfort and prevent us from fulfilling ourselves and our desires. With person-centred therapy, the therapist provides the conditions that allow the client to heal. This means that the counsellor will work empathically and will offer unconditional positive regard to the client, amongst other things. In this way the client can be their authentic self throughout the process, and help direct the counselling according to their (sometimes unconscious) own expertise. 


Will it work for me?

There is a lot evidence to suggest how effective person-centred therapy is, although there are other types of therapy to choose from, and some may suit clients better than others. Person-centred therapy is effective for a broad range of difficulties, and I offer a free 20-minute appointment where we can both decide if the approach is likely to help you, and also whether we are a good match to work together.


How many sessions will I need?

Everybody is different. Sometimes clients only need a few sessions to achieve their goal, other clients may choose to work with the therapist for much longer- months or even years. Once again, it can be useful to have the free 20-minute appointment so that we can discuss the possible duration of therapy, although sometimes it can be hard to know this from the outset. If you are paying for single sessions there is no need to commit to a particular number of sessions, so many people just think about this session by session. We will also have regular reviews every few sessions to discuss progress and talk about how things are going. 



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